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Escorte lyon 6 northwest territories

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I believe this article to be as good as my previous city FA, Arlington, and improved on the formula I've been using in my pursuit of a good topic for the cities of Snohomish County, Washington. The Hamilton Russell Cup is only mentioned in a figure caption. I thought that we had established that tabloids are not acceptable as high quality, reliable sources. Therer are no issues relating to formatting. Given territories like "Wallace and Futuna I have to strongly encourage you to re-add the oxford comma. Dudley Miles ( talk ) 20:57, (UTC) Waterloo Bay massacre edit Nominator(s Peacemaker67 ( click to talk to me ) 02:18, (UTC) This article is about an incident in the Australian frontier wars, during which an undetermined number of local Aboriginal people were killed.

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There is another famous Cambridge (MA but only one famous Arizona AhmadLX - 00:05, (UTC) I may say that although I didn't come within several parsecs of understanding the article it nonetheless impressed. Meets the FA criteria in my view. Let me know if you are done with Reception, please. Census Bureau, but the creator hasn't edited regularly in almost four years. Cheers, Ian Rose ( talk ) 01:47, (UTC) I'll aim to complete my review and copyedit this weekend but prose-wise I guess the main thing that leaps out is the frequent repetition of "Aboriginal people". Most of them are for Apollo 15, one way or another, rencontre handicap lyon bobigny as are some I did not mention, such as the crew being the Grand Marshals of the Orange Bowl Parade. If a nomination is archived, the nominator(s) should take adequate time to work on resolving issues before re-nominating. Could we try and come up with something now which is a little more comprehensible? Tim riley talk 08:33, (UTC) Let us let the discussion up there answer for this as well.- Wehwalt ( talk ) 14:40, (UTC) "Once there, Scott marveled at the beauty of the scene" just checking that this is covered by reference 58 at the end. SchroCat ( talk ) 14:27, (UTC) This is a preference rather than anything stronger, but I think you should include how her name was pronounced (assuming we know since I can think of at least three different and plausible ways to pronounce "Glasse". It has just gone through ACR and I think that it is there or thereabouts in terms of FA class; if not, don't hesitate to let me know. 11:49, (UTC) Im not keen on red links in the lead. But as I'm not a native English speaker myself, I'll ping Gog the Mild, who I suspect has a better grasp. I've added something appropriate. As mentioned at multiple places in the article (i.e WP article these those outflows give rise to HHOs. It doesn't look like it adds anything significantly new to what has already been written, but it does bring it up to date. Jason Rees ( talk ) 11:18, (UTC) Why wait until the MH to abbreviate Fiji Met Service? I've written the article in past tense, as did the bulk of my sources, since construction was actually begun, to avoid a multiplicity of "would have"s and its synonyms which I fear would have caused loss of consciousness in the readers from the monotony. Sounder Bruce 05:51, (UTC) Hannah Glasse edit Nominator(s SchroCat ( talk ) 06:35, (UTC) Hannah Glasse is an interesting figure in English culinary history. Josh Milburn ( talk ) 15:02, (UTC) Many thanks Josh, I'm much obliged to you, and glad you enjoyed reading. Thanks for reviewing, Nikkimaria! Changed to "Media publications" Do you think that the Ryan Adams cover should be mentioned in the lead? I am not sure if this part really fits in the current section. AhmadLX - 17:30, (UTC) This is kinda vague on the copyright status; @ Nikkimaria? I don't know why I had included it here Removed now. Robot, Mystery Science Theater 3000 You like horror movies about the grim reaper chasing young adults after their souls get knocked out of their bodies from a car accident? Jo-Jo Eumerus ( talk, contributions ) 18:47, (UTC) Done. Carabinieri ( talk ) 00:31, (UTC) Image review Suggest adding alt text File:Curacao-CIA_WFB_g: source link is dead is tagged as lacking author info. His face in the statue does not seem to me much like the portrait, which was presumably made from life.

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