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Luciefer66 blogspot com grasse

luciefer66 blogspot com grasse

love the Civil War. One thing though: when have I ever said I could be lying? BK made an announcement about it a few days ago, but it was kinda shuffled in with everything else, so I don't think anyone at all saw. I'm not debunking the ratings system. That makes it sound rather sarcastic. I'd like to thank my life for helping me think up all these great ideas, and I'd like to thank Jen? I understand you think it's encouraging, but when I get comments like that, it just makes me feel like the reader doesn't care, and isn't worth my time.

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(Check out MM ) Allan on July 14, 2007 A couple Health Food Nuts have come into my Delicatessen and asked for a sandwich without bread. Here's to 50 more! You're excused from leaving comments). Maybe I've had it wrong this whole time, and really are reading the comics and giving honest opinion, but when give every comic click on a 5, it just doesn't make it seem like it's worth anything.". Again, really guys, thanks for your support throughout these past 69 (hee, hee) pages. luciefer66 blogspot com grasse

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I haven't heard them talk about God once in their songs. Ugh, I have some homework. I've noticed a whole buncha em, which is to be expected when you get new features like these awesome profiles, but the newly updated strips aint working, a few trophies aren't working, and just some other mini bugs I've seen around lately have been, well. Here's what the grapevine has been saying:. (I'm not really, everything just looks better when you size it down). Just don't ask me to vigilantly tear up the fabric from which every sandwich was based upon!


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I had no freakin' idea. I'm debunking the Civil War. I'd like to thank my fans, my admins, and of course my host. Edit: For some reason I couldn't upload this last night. Now, I know what they want, they want a lettuce wrap, but I mean come on! Because I won't do it happily. 50 pages in 54 days! A lot of talk has been circulating around me lately. I guess I don't get another one till page 100! That'll be in a month and 2/3 hopefully!

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I was discussing generic comments with Slimredninja, and here's an exerpt I think everyone can take to heart: "But, in all honesty, leaving generic comments isn't much better. I don't know when I stuck that down on the Author's Notes, but if I did, I was instilling question into the common man's mind, just to pose a psychological debate of the ages! Some people have been asking me for a banner so they can share Allan with more people. Sometimes I've commented, most of the time I haven't, mostly because that would reinforce generic comments, and that's something I just don't want. I just really like. Two weeks is enough break for me (I'm always bored to death over summer) so now I get to hang out with my friends again! Thanks for reading guys, and supporting me through these past 49 pages! luciefer66 blogspot com grasse

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