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Rencontre des femme gratuit bergen

rencontre des femme gratuit bergen

with limited writing space (e.g., ticker tape, newspaper column inches ). Citation needed The clothing company French Connection began referring to itself as fcuk, standing for "French Connection United Kingdom." The company then created T-shirts and several advertising campaigns that exploit the acronym's similarity to the taboo word " fuck ". To fit messages into the 160-character SMS limit, and to save time, acronyms such as "GF" girlfriend "LOL" laughing out loud and "DL" download" or "down low have become popular. Dictionaries, however, do not make this distinction because writers in general do not. Avildsen 1975 : La Cité des dangers ( Hustle de Robert Aldrich 1975 : Les Aventuriers du Lucky Lady ( Lucky Lady de Stanley Donen : Walker Ellis 1976 : La Dernière Folie de Mel Brooks ( Silent Movie de Mel Brooks 1976 : Gator, de Burt Reynolds. Comparing a few examples of each type edit Pronounced as a word, containing only initial letters nato : "North Atlantic Treaty Organization" Scuba : "self-contained underwater breathing apparatus" Laser : "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation" GIF : "graphics interchange format" Pronounced. The "Year" column indicates the year of completion. For example, " i18n " abbreviates " internationalization a computer-science term for adapting software for worldwide use. Contrived acronyms edit Acronyms are sometimes contrived, that is, deliberately designed to be especially apt for the thing being named (by having a dual meaning or by borrowing the positive connotations of an existing word). The logic of this style is that the pronunciation is reflected graphically by the punctuation scheme. Examples of common acronyms include "sars" (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and "unicef" (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund a b Crystal, David (1995). À quinze ans, en 1974, il quitte sa région natale pour étudier l'art dramatique. For example, the Golkar political party stands for "Partai Golongan Karya Monas stands for "Monumen Nasional" (National Monument the Angkot public transport stands for "Angkutan Kota" ( city public transportation warnet stands for "warung internet" ( internet cafe and many others. Business modifier modifier le code En 1982, Burt Reynolds est devenu copropriétaire des Tampa Bay Bandits, une équipe professionnelle de football américain dans la usfl, dont le surnom est inspiré du personnage du film Cours après moi shérif. rencontre des femme gratuit bergen

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